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In a world of accelerating change, growing uncertainty and increasing global threats, resilience depends on an organization’s ability to effectively identify, assess and mitigate risk.

PlanetRisk is a global enterprise risk analytics company that delivers analytical solutions that solve the most critical challenges for Government clients. We are mission enablers bridging agile and creative solution design with ever changing mission objectives. Whether it’s building new grid optics to understand and anticipate world events or leveraging specialty data that places analysts in the epicenter of events with hyper-proximal situational awareness, PlanetRisk seeks to understand the essence of our clients’ missions to achieve their organizational objectives by transforming data and information into actionable knowledge, leading to strategic solutions.

Our visionary analytics platform connects the pieces of information between known, unknown, new and emerging sources of data to provide real time situational awareness and geospatial intelligence in the context of global events as they happen – enabling decision makers to attack risk with data driven accuracy. By coupling deep industry knowledge with a vast array of multi-disciplinary analytical tools, we provide solutions founded upon rigorous evaluation.

Our advanced analytical service experience tackles the most complex challenges, including: Modeling and simulation; War-gaming; Study and analytical support services; Logistics and capability requirements analysis; Program and project analysis; Process improvement; Planning and execution; Mobility and logistics analysis; Requirements analysis; Planning, programming, budgeting and execution (PBES).

PlanetRisk provides our clients with clear, informed perspectives and expert insights. We employ talented professionals with deep industry knowledge and experience, including a diverse cross-section of technologists, data scientists, operations researchers, analysts, planners and subject matter experts, whose commitment to excellence is the foundation of our success.

As a team, our mission is to provide excellence in supporting our nation through the creation of strategic, actionable, and measurable business practices. We hold ourselves to the highest intellectual, legal, and moral standards.