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PlanetRisk’s engineers, data scientists, and intelligence analysts can be embedded into operational environments to discover the most valuable data sources, apply the most appropriate applications, and rapidly design new solutions and custom algorithms to solve high value challenges. PlanetRisk researchers and analysts discover patterns and make forecasts that provide insights for advanced decision-making. PlanetRisk leverages its big data platform to perform advanced analytics on complex data sets. These technologies offer the potential for processing increasing larger volumes of data at sub-national levels of scale. By harnessing the power of big data, policy analysts and economists can design and apply algorithms to perform analytics such as Graph Theory, Macro Factors, Bayesian, Decision Trees, and Markov Modeling to answer big questions.  Data Scientists will have the tools to reach ever deeper toward ground truth, and render a more accurate picture of the present situation, and to model, simulate, forecast and event-predict probable futures and outcomes. In this sense, big data analytics becomes more about the size of the question than the size of the data.