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PlanetRisk geospatial predictive modeling analyzes historical and real-time events through a geographic filter that allows prediction of future events, occurrences or emergence. Analysis is the fusion of different types of data collection to provide a full operating picture. PlanetRisk doesn’t only fuse together information for our customers, we show correlations and provide real-time actionable intelligence and situational awareness that give a more complete picture to support informed decisions. Our geospatial predictive modeling provides in-depth understanding of the interaction between events due to spatial proximity and commonality of geographic indicators. By linking information about event locations, residence locations, communities of interest, and socio-economic information in space-time dimension, PlanetRisk analysis can find patterns and trends that otherwise go undetected; better locate the source of risk and understand the evolving process of risk; and help predict the next center of action or key nexus.  PlanetRisk presents this output in an easy to grasp visual interface.