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Harnessing Opportunity in Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT)—the rapidly growing network of everyday objects equipped with sensors, tiny power supplies and internet addresses—continues to reveal itself as a profound source of disruption to both the marketplace and the security sector. Unstructured data is growing at twice the rate of structured data and already accounts for 80% of all enterprise data, according to Gartner. Novel sources of data are constantly emerging that challenge our abilities to find, ingest and make sense of it. What does mobile device location data reveal about consumers or refugee migrations? What will data from autonomous vehicles such as self-driving cars, trucks and drones mean for business, transportation, logistics and security? PlanetRisk is on the cutting edge of a new breed of business/IoT intelligence, re-architecting tools capable of ingesting and processing the diverse, unstructured data that fuels the IoT.

PlanetRisk is exploring the expanding digital domain by using big data methods and analytic algorithms to enable our customers to gain insights and advantages about the risks and opportunities confronting them