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ITX: Insider Threat Risk

Protect Your Organization from the Loss of Resources, Capabilities, Knowledge, Assets or Secret Information

There has been a significant increase in espionage threats in the past few years and predictions are that this will not change. Both the government and corporations must be able to understand what the risk profiles look like and how to mitigate the loss of intellectual property. When classified information leaves the door, your work, people and the nation can be put at high levels of risk. To prevent this, you must have the ability to gather information of a potential threat and detect the insiders who can conduct damage.

The challenge, however, comes when there are multiple sources of data on individuals and there isn’t one place to view the entire picture. Attributes such as a criminal background, drug use, expense violations, personal financial standing, poor performance, risk of termination, foreign relationships and abnormal data usage are all located in multiple records, legacy systems and disparate data sources. By the time you sort through the piles of data, the chanceto act may have passed or a threat is missed entirely.

PlanetRisk’s Insider Threat (ITX) product provides deep insight into what can occur so you can act quickly. By having an intuitive dashboard, 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and reporting, alerts and a global view, you can easily visualize, analyze and predict what could hamper or severely damage your organization.

  • Engage with people before they become a threat
  • Protect trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Prevent harm to your organization and, quite possibly, to the nation
  • Remove multiple sources of data, thereby reducing costs
  • View the data in one location

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