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SCX: Supply Chain Risk

Gain Insight into Supply Chain Risk Levels to Maximize Efficiency

Supply Chains have become increasingly complex due to globalization, a wider array of partners, more natural disasters, more geopolitical risks and growing competitive pressures. Harnessing all the data that is coming from disparate sources is challenging and can lead to poor decisions. Weather reports, ship movements, global political instability reports, social media monitoring, plan disruptions, news stories are all coming from different sources and make it hard to see the big picture. Predicting risks, analyzing what is occurring and acting immediately are essential to minimize supply chain disruptions, protect your brand and maintain a competitive advantage.

PlanetRisk’s Supply Chain Risk (SCX) product provides real time intelligence on incidents that may result in delays, damage or disruptions to your supply chain. By having an intuitive dashboard, 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and reporting, social media feeds, alerts and a global view, you can easily visualize, analyze and predict what could hamper or severely damage your organization.

  • Easily see the risk drivers and where they are geographically concentrated
  • View historical reporting and analysis tools to improve resiliency
  • Remove multiple sources of data, thereby reducing costs
  • Have all the relevant data in one location

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