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Advanced Data Analytics Platform for Today’s Sophisticated Needs

GRX Platform is the Essential Foundation for Global Predictive Analytics

The Global Risk Platform (GRX) provides the foundation to integrate and make sense of any kind of data for predictive and prescriptive analytics. The central components of the GRX Platform are the data, the GIOC, and the core. Together, these components form the common foundation for all PlanetRisk products, with many features externally accessible for developers using our APIs.

The GRX powers our software solutions so that an integrated picture of global risk events can be displayed in a single view. Consolidated information from thousands of data feeds along with an organization’s own data sources are fused together and can be seen on a dashboard, maps, timelines and in intuitive reporting formats. Project-oriented applications or custom applications can leverage the power of the GRX to save time and money to deploy advanced global risk analytics at high resolutions.

PlanetRisk GRX Platform

The Core

The Core component contains PlanetRisk’s massive library of datasets derived or connected via our data partners. It also contains our unique Discrete Global Grid (DGG) and our Very Large Graph (VLG) in a multi-tenant, high-security architecture. Our products and customer applications can access, update, and store data into the Core in sophisticated ways that emulate the way the world naturally exists. Highly-dynamic data is easily ingested into the Core for processing.


The GIOC is our Global Intelligence Operations Center, which is our 24x7x365 global surveillance and intelligence organization dedicated to monitoring global events and keeping our clients informed. The GIOC uses sophisticated tools to data mine thousands of data sources for interpretation into global risk reports.

PlanetRisk GIOC

The Data

The analytics component leverages advanced data processing such as text search, analytics, spatial data processing, and mapping so that decision makers no longer have to sort through multiple systems and manage siloed data in order to manage risk. Partner analytics and APIs are seamlessly accessed to bring the full power of our ecosystem to our clients.

PLANET GRX: More than just a risk assessment

Built from the ground up to empower risk management professionals, PlanetGRX enables decision makers to interpret and act quickly on risk analytics by compiling all the risk management data in a single source. Users obtain:

  • Indicators and Warnings
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fused Data
  • Insight
  • Targeting
  • Forecasts
  • Predictions
  • Curated Data Sets
  • Dynamic Data Feeds
  • Customized Reports
PlanetRisk GRX Overview