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Over Three Decades of Data Experience

We have dedicated ourselves over the past 30 years to being on the cutting-edge of risk assessment and mitigation. In order to stay on top of the industry, we have merged, acquired and hired the best to fill in key functionalities and expand our abilities.

PlanetRisk merged with iMapData in November 2015, aggregating data across the enterprise and combining historical information, enriched data, real time situational awareness and geospatial intelligence to deliver a degree of executive visibility that is absolute and complete.

The totality of our approach to data management provides businesses and governments the ability to deconstruct the complexity of global information and events as they happen.

Leveraging their codified visual analytics platform and our team of smart, passionate individuals provided businesses with the ability to not just read the data, but to drive transformational change.

In August of 2016, PlanetRisk acquired Analytic Strategies, a leader in providing enterprise analytics services to the Federal Government. Founded in 2006, the company enabled clients to achieve their organizational objectives by transforming data and information into actionable intelligence.

This acquisition allowed PlanetRisk to further expand our robust services in enterprise analytics, data system management, operations research, supply chain management and intelligence analysis. PlanetRisk also significantly expanded our suite of predictive modeling and analytic capabilities.

Today, thanks to our past, PlanetRisk is a cutting-edge global enterprise risk analytics company providing advanced technology solutions that merge big data, visionary analytics and subject matter expertise.