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PlanetRisk Federal Services continues to develop innovative solutions for our customers. As a federal agency, you can rapidly access our services and leverage the full strength of our capabilities through a wide range of government contract vehicles we’ve been awarded.

Contract vehicles are a key enabler for growth and are designed to provide maximum value and flexibility for federal government customers to buy PlanetRisk Federal Services’ solutions.

PlanetRisk Federal Services leverages a vast set of contract vehicles listed below to accommodate agency purchasing requirements. Check back often as we continue to expand our contract vehicles.

Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs):

  • Department of the Navy SeaPort-e
  • Contract: N00178-10-D-5890
    The U.S. Navy’s departmentwide electronic platform for efficiently and effectively acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including engineering, financial management, and program management.

General Services Administration (GSAs):

  • GSA IT70 Schedule
  • Contract: GS-35F-0625N
    Available to all federal, state and local governments, the GSA IT70 schedule provides innovative solutions to information technology needs. We offer our Software as a Service (SaaS) and analytic products and services through SINs 132-32 Term Software Licenses and 132-51 Information Technology Professional Services.
  • GSA Alliant I (JV)
    Contract: GS-06F-0661Z
    GSA’s premier enterprise governmentwide acquisition contract, providing customized IT solutions from a diverse pool of industry partners. As part of the A3IS joint venture through the Alliant Small Business contract, PlanetRisk offers 80 different labor categories that range the spectrum of technology development and sustainment, while supporting important socioeconomic objectives.
  • GSA OASIS SB Pool 1
    Contract: GS00Q14OADS104
    Provides federal agencies with best-value services for complex professional requirements including program management, logistics, engineering, scientific and financial services. Through PlanetRisk’s subsidiary, Analytic Strategies, we provide a wide range of unique capabilities while supporting federal socioeconomic goals.    

GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS):

    Contract: GS-10F-041BA
    Offers federal customers with efficient logistics support surrounding their operational needs. Services encompass logistics planning, management, subject matter expertise, operational support and training across the full spectrum of supplies, equipment, materials and personnel transfer.    

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs):

  • OSD Logistics BPA
    Contract: HQ0034-16-A-0014
    Provides logistics supports in management, analysis and consulting within the United States for all Department of Defense contracting offices.  The BPA encompasses 10 distinct areas: PBL Implementation and Knowledge Transfer; Operational Contract Support and Contingency Program Management, Weapons Program/Information Systems Product Support; Maintenance Oversight and Analysis; Database and Logistics Metrics Analysis; Inventory Management; Transportation and Distribution Policy Development and Operations Support; Automatic Information Technology capabilities for Asset Visibility; Policy Development Studies Analysis and Consultation; Resource, Budget, and Financial Management Services.
  • Defense Logistics Agency Business Case Analysis BPA
    Contract: SP4703-15-A-0011
    Provide the services necessary to support the DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis Theater Distribution Team. Analytical and technical program management support to support the mission of improving and assisting supply chain management and distribution logistics operations.
  • Defense Logistics Agency Business Process Reengineering BPA
    Contract: SP4703-17-A-0004
    Provide the services necessary to support the DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis with modeling current processes and redesigning them without interruption, reducing the risk in streamlining operations. Support to reengineer the current processes using new methods or applying best methods learned from benchmarking or study of analogous operations.
  • Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Support Analysis BPA
    Contract: SP4703-15-A-0002
    Provide the services necessary to support the DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis with business, analytical and technical support of the DORRA studies program. Evaluate Agency initiatives directly impacting logistics supply chain management.
  • US Army TACOM Industrial Based Studies BPA
    Contract: W56HZV-15-A-0006
    Provide technical support and services for industrial base assessments, develop analyses,  and initiatives that cover a wide range of areas related to improving effectiveness, efficiency, cost, capacity, capability and affordability in design, manufacturing, and support for DoD and Congressional clients.

Agency-specific Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IDIQs):

    Contract: SP4703-14-D-0002 (Subcontractor to D&G Support Services)
    Supports the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis Theater Distribution Capability (TDC) vital mission in providing supplies and services to U.S. military forces worldwide. We offer analytic services, consulting and subject matter expertise in business processes, technology, engineering and logistics systems  to improve Defense supply chain management and distribution operations.
    Contract: SP4709-17-D-0068
    The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS) covers 21 information technology, technical and management task areas in support of DLA and other Department of Defense missions.  Task areas include network and telecommunications, information assurance, sustainment and maintenance, configuration management, enterprise data strategy, systems engineering, test and documentation, virtual workforce training, financial budget and IT audit readiness support services.
  • ARMY Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services (RS3)
    The Army CECOM’s mission is to provide C4ISR systems and sustainment to the Warfighter.  Under the RS3 vehicle, logistics, engineering, research, development, acquisition, education and training are all provided to support the C4ISR lifecycle.
  • US Army Night Vision Technologies BAA
    Provide organizational, administrative and technical personnel and equipment, as tasked, for COCOMs, TSOCs and other HQ or C & C elements that are engaged in small unit operations, expeditionary warfare, or special operations. Support to the following areas: Intelligence, Operations, Logistics, Planning, Communications and Training. 


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