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Deconstructing Information Complexity of Big Data Analytics for Instant Insights

As a pioneer in the field of data visualization and risk analysis, we have partnered with Fortune 500 companies to mitigate economic risk, protect corporate assets, maintain situational awareness and safeguard employees for over 30 years.

PlanetRisk understands the complexities of a dynamic and increasingly data dependent world. Where others see risk, we see opportunity—we believe in value creation over risk mitigation.

As opposed to the single-threaded, myopic software solutions offered by our competitors—our platform is purposely built to define a single, holistic model to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our comprehensive view aggregates data across the enterprise, combining historical information, enriched data, real time situational awareness and geospatial intelligence to deliver a degree of executive visibility that is absolute and complete. Further, we take a consultative, not a transactional approach with our customers to deliver a solution in line with their business drivers and desired outcomes.

The totality of our approach to big data science and predictive analytics provides customers unmatched ability to deconstruct the complexity of global information and events as they occur. Leveraging our codified visual analytics platform, our team of dedicated data engineers, developers and analysts demonstrate the value of data through its natural integration with business processes to drive transformational change.

PlanetRisk applies a global understanding of risk to connect strategic business drivers with bottom-up process discipline and execution to achieve better performance through information and analytics.

GRX: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

PlanetRisk’s Global Risk Platform (GRX) provides the foundation to integrate structured and unstructured data for predictive and prescriptive analytics. The central components of GRX are the analytics, real time alerting and monitoring and the “core,” which contain our massive library of datasets derived or connected via our partners.


Solution Areas for Instant Insights

We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help you achieve mission objectives, address uncertainty, and identify and manage risk: situational awareness around physical and mobile assets; business continuity; geospatial business, health and travel intelligence; legislative and political risk, fraud and investigation; enterprise supply chain; and cyber risks.