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Solving the Big Data Dilemma with Visionary Analytics

PlanetRisk, an enterprise risk analytics company, addresses local, national and global challenges facing clients by combining both traditional structured and unstructured big data analytics with geospatial intelligence. We translate the business value of data across the enterprise to deliver business intelligence, operational and corporate risk management, global and insider threat assessments and competitive intelligence through actionable insights.

As a pioneer in the field of data visualization and risk analysis, we have partnered with Fortune 500 companies and federal and state agencies to mitigate economic risk, protect corporate assets, maintain situational awareness and safeguard employees for over 30 years. They have relied on PlanetRisk for risk management solutions that provide the vital situational awarenessgeospatial predictive modelingbig data engineering and visualizationmission application development, and enterprise supply chain analytics necessary for operating in today’s complex global threat environment.

PlanetRisk incorporates predictive analytics to help you forecast events, analyze business impacts and improve decision-making. PlanetRisk leverages asset monitoring and intelligence to mitigate risk; employs identity intelligence to prevent fraud; and delivers timely travel, weather, sensor information and enriched data to enhance business continuity.