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Cost-Effective, Scalable Cloud Based Analytics Platform

PlanetRisk’s Global Risk Platform (GRX) reveals valuable insight from the massive amount of information compiled from your corporate data, our partnerships, and publicly available data all from the cloud.  Having a cloud based platform is imperative because it allows you to understand, navigate and control your data from anywhere in the world and it allows you to  have a cost-effective and scalable infrastructure to support big data analytics.

Our cloud analytics provides the foundation and tools to make sense of any kind of data anywhere, anytime. It consolidates information from thousands of data sources and enables you to digest it easily via a dashboard, maps, timelines and other easy to understand formats. Our cloud platform stores and retrieves information that leverages advanced data processing such as text search, analytics, spatial data processing and mapping so that decision makers no longer have to sort through multiple systems and manage siloed data.

Unlike other providers, our platform can scale to customers’ needs and is built for the challenges of big data. Customers can run their own applications on GRX and take advantage of analytics, social, processing, location data and predictive capabilities on a self-serve basis. GRX integrates with all customer systems, has fast query speeds and supports agile development.