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Improve Decision-Making and Optimize Efficiency

Operations research and readiness encompasses a range of problem-solving techniques applied to achieve improved decision-making and efficiency, such as simulation, mathematical optimization, queueing theory, and other mathematical models. PlanetRisk provides the Defense Logistics Agency, Department of the Navy, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense the tools to foster better decisions, optimize resources and enable efficient program management.

  • Manpower Analysis: You have to match or balance an activity’s manpower assets against authorized billets to determine strengths and weaknesses in manning structure. Our platform applies innovative analytical methodologies that provide insights on indirect and direct costs attributed to manpower budget lines. We also provide recruiting, staffing, training and execution planning and analysis that enable stakeholder understanding of their most precious resource—their people.
  • Budget Analysis: Both public and private entities perform budget analysis to monitor current spending and predict future budget needs. Our budget analysts investigate financial data so they can provide decision makers with crucial information to help shape the budget for the next fiscal period. We provide operations research, budget analysis, economic analysis and financial modeling based on historical budget submissions and actual execution of specific budget lines for stakeholders at the most strategic levels of the defense and civilian sector.
  • Policy Analysis: You need to be able to examine and evaluate available options to implement the goals of elected officials and senior Government personnel. PlanetRisk Federal Services determines which of the various policies will achieve a given set of goals relative to the relationships between the policies and the goals. We collect, analyze and use stakeholder information to answer questions about projects, policies and programs as part of our program evaluation and policy studies expertise. Our team of operations research and subject matter experts identify trends to facilitate understanding of policy effectiveness as compared to expectations.
  • Military Readiness Analysis: Congressional and Department of Defense (DoD) officials need relevant, accurate and timely information on the readiness status of U.S. forces to help them make decisions about deployment and use of military forces and related resource needs. Our team of operations research and military readiness analysts provide analysis and modeling on service, combatant command and unit level personnel, training and logistics variables. PlanetRisk Federal Services’ team currently provides subject matter expertise on the Quarterly Readiness Report to Congress for the Office of Secretary of Defense.