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PlanetRisk Announces Partnership with Travel Management Firm Magnatech

Combining leading-edge travel technology with travel risk analytics to improve customer situational awareness and safety

Washington, April 6, 2017PlanetRisk, a pioneer in enterprise risk analytics, and Magnatech, a Canadian-based travel management software provider, announced their strategic partnership today. This partnership will bring together the vital elements of both travel management and risk management under one platform. Each company delivers industry leading products providing a holistic view for corporations and travel management companies who must deliver quick, accurate, itinerary and risk analysis information keeping their clients and travelers, safe, on schedule and on budget.

The partnership enables PlanetRisk to incorporate Magnatech’s technology that captures traveler itinerary information into their risk analysis platform, adding additional value to their services, as well as offering Magnatech’s travel features as part of PlanetRisk’s mobile app. The combination of these two systems, travel tracking and risk analytics, delivers the solution necessary to meet the needs of travelers while resolving inefficiencies in business travel.

“Magnatech keeps their products current in the ever-changing travel industry, and through this partnership, we will be able to provide our clients with comprehensive travel intelligence,” said Paul McQuillan, President and CEO of PlanetRisk. “Magnatech designs very useful and user friendly travel programs that both enterprise and government customers can use with ease.”

“PlanetRisk’s reputation for providing accurate, actionable information to government and corporate clients is beyond reproach,” said Paul Gioia, Magnatech President and CEO. “We look forward to combining our skill sets and talents for the betterment of both our industries and clients.”

About PlanetRisk
PlanetRisk is an enterprise risk analytics company that delivers comprehensive analytics that combines the more normal structured and unstructured big data with geospatial intelligence, position, and contextual awareness. Our holistic solution accelerates the aggregation of data globally to deliver actionable intelligence that interprets the connections between seemingly unconnected events – enabling organizations to recognize hidden patterns, detect anomalies and forecast future conditions on a local, national, or global scale. PlanetRisk is headquartered in the Tysons Corner area of McLean, Virginia. For more information, please visit

About Magnatech
Magnatech Travel Management Solutions Inc. develops software facilitating the day-to-day tasks of travel management agencies. For over 25 years, Magnatech has developed mid-office automation tools and itinerary software helping travel agencies manage, track, locate, validate and deliver information. Our leadership team has spent the last decade perfecting web-based solutions to enhance the travel experience for the business traveler. For more information, please visit