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Powerful APIs to turn your concepts into Reality. GRX is the Essential Foundation for Global Predictive Analytics

The Global Risk Platform (GRX) provides the foundation to integrate and make sense of any kind of data for predictive and prescriptive analytics. The central components of the GRX are the Analytics, the GIOC, and the Core. Together, these components form the common foundation for all PlanetRisk products, with many features externally accessible for developers using our APIs.

The GRX powers our software solutions so that an integrated picture of risk events can be displayed in a single view. Consolidated information from thousands of data feeds along with an organization’s own data sources are fused together and can be seen on a dashboard, maps, timelines and in intuitive formats. Project-oriented applications or custom applications can leverage the power of the GRX to save time and money to deploy advanced global analytics at high resolutions.

PlanetRisk GRX Platform

Partners can integrate in several powerful ways:

  • Product Integration: Use our GRX API to support your Products
  • Project Integration: Use our GRX API to support your Solutions
  • Analytics OEM: Deploy your analytics into our platform as part of our library
  • API Integration: Provide access to your APIs as part of our platform
  • Data Integration: Connect your data to our platform for resell or consumption

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