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Predicting the Probable & Possible

September 18, 2017

No matter what business you are in, risks exist, affecting every decision and every opportunity.  Every day without incident is a success, but there is no time for rest when your organization must constantly stay on top of managing and assessing environments for threats.  At PlanetRisk, we know it’s important to support our clients’ efforts mitigating and managing those risks that threaten operations.  No one wants to be kept up all night worrying over known and unknown dangers, and that is why we developed our risk assessment and risk management software.

We understand the stakes are high for your business, so we have made it a priority to be the best at assessing risk before trouble strikes. The skills and expertise needed to understand the current environment, predict possible outcomes, and establish actions and protocol to mitigate damages to an organization are extremely high-level.  Until recently, software available in the marketplace was not capable of being flexible enough to ingest large, disparate amounts of data to predict probability risk outcomes. Your organization needs professional level understanding of how thousands of data points might affect your assets.

Your organization faces risks every day and important information signaling those risks is hidden within a rapidly growing influx of information.  We provide our clients with technology, data and services to help you analyze large amounts of complex data for strategic optimization.  We have refined this process through years of work and stand ready to help you be in the best position for risk assessment management.  We believe the better we work together now to identify and analyze risk factors, the better placed you will be to withstand damage from threats in the future.

We understand the challenge that stems from deciding what information is important and what information is only fogging the lens.  As we work with each client, we focus on what you need in a context that most matters to you.  We maintain a comprehensive library of geospatial, infrastructure and socio-economic data that provides deep data intelligence and complete situational awareness.  Our analysts use this to provide clients with tailored reports and insights to best manage and mitigate any risks.

Together, these services, technology and data enable our clients to rapidly make critical decisions with certainty and understanding.  There is no such thing as a perfect understanding of the future, but at PlanetRisk we do our best to bring a little more calm to our clients’ world and help them assess and mitigate risk quickly and easily.