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CSX: Corporate Security Risk

See trends and potential causes of threats so you can act from anywhere, anytime.

Your organization faces threats every day and they are coming at an alarming rate. The challenge is figuring out how to protect your physical assets, offices, products and people when attacks are coming domestically and globally. Your job is to know what will happen in the future and quickly obtain insights from a plethora of resources and an ever-increasing amount of data. Tying information into meaningful reports and decisions is critical to avoid security risks that can have a direct impact on your assets, finances, competitive advantage and brand reputation. Your time is better spent mitigating risks to your company than digging up all the data from a plethora of platforms and pulling it all into the same intelligible format.

Corporate security & risk mitigation

PlanetRisk’s Corporate Security Risk (CSX) product is designed to deliver a single source of easily accessible and accurate information that gives you immediate insight into threats and risks specific to your organization. By having an intuitive dashboard, 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and reporting, social media feeds, alerts and a global view, you can easily visualize, analyze and predict what could hamper or severely damage your organization.Easily see the risk drivers and where they are geographically concentrated

  • Have a deep understanding into the risk analytics so you can predict the future
  • Remove multiple sources of data, thereby, reducing costs and time allocation
  • Have all the relevant data in one location
  • Access all your data anytime, anywhere

CSX is the extra leg-up you need to constantly stay ahead of any corporate security risks and threats to your organization. We help you make it look easy.

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