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CSX: Corporate Security Risk

Anticipate Cyber Risk early on so you can detect and mitigate threats.

Cyber attacks are happening with increased frequency- leaving organizations vulnerable and at risk of suffering tremendous losses. Governments and businesses are spending time and money on addressing the attacks after they occur. Instead of spending millions of dollars repairing the damage, more effort needs to be placed on preventing the attacks in the first place. Success is now being defined as how fast an organization can anticipate and thwart potential attacks before they happen.

Currently, many organizations are monitoring cyber risk by relying on various siloed monitoring systems that report on financial and data theft. When they should instead be  using big data analytics to predict if and when a cyber attack can occur. By tying in disparate sources of data, patterns can be exposed that could indicate a potential attack. This allows the IT organization to take action against the events before they occur – rather than hiring companies to find out what happened after the attack.

Cyber risk management

PlanetRisk’s Cyber Risk (CRX) product is designed to deliver a single source of easily accessible and accurate information that gives you immediate insight into cyber threats specific to your organization. By having an intuitive dashboard, 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and reporting, alerts and a global view, you can easily visualize, analyze and predict what could hamper or severely damage your organization.

  • Easily see the industries that are being impacted and plan in advance if you are in direct line of a possible attack
  • Have a deep understanding into the risk analytics so you can predict the future
  • Remove multiple sources of data, thereby reducing costs
  • Have all the relevant data in one location

Cyber attacks can now be forecasted and prevented with CRX, rather than trying to do damage control after the fact.

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